Hello and Introduction

Hello and welcome!

Thanks for reading my first blog post here at JWthoughtfulgifts.

What a journey this has been.   JWthoughtfulgifts is run by me, Rachel and my husband, Euan.  
Recently we were looking for JW items, specifically personalised pioneer school mugs and ministry notebooks for some friends attending their virtual pioneer school.  There were lots of beautiful items available but many came from the USA and shipping times and costs were just too much.

For years I have made handmade cards, as well as selling digital designs on Etsy and Redbubble.  I looked around and the desire to make our own creations for our dear brothers and sisters fuelled the idea for this shop.

Here you will find a number of designs and styles of greeting cards, notebooks and mugs many with scripture and theocratic themes.  We hope to add more products as the shop grows.

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you will be the first to see new designs and videos of the products.


I would love it if you could let your JW friends know about us.  If you have a favourite saying or verse you would like to see on a card please email sales@jwthoughtfulgifts.co.uk with your ideas and we will see if we can incorporate these in future designs.

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